London 2014: Our Second in Day in London: Rainy but Fun!

First agenda for a long day in London, BREAKFAST.

One of the unforgettable breakfast during the trip is this one overlooking the Wembley Stadium. We were staying at Hilton Wembley. A little far from the city but I love, love it. The breakfast was perfect too.

I thought I woke up early (I had jet lagged then), but time quickly flew by that it was time to go for our tour on our second day in London. Aaaah, this is going to be exciting! Although the weather was gloomy and raining but it didn't dampen our excitement. After all, we were in my dream destination!

Our FIRST stop: Tower of London.

While we were lining to go inside, it was raining. But, we didn't mind at all, because look, we had a wonderful view...

Yes, this photo didn't do justice though. When it was time to go inside Tower of London, we were all the more impressed with the things we saw inside (particularly the biggest jewels I've ever seen in my whole life!).

The rain definitely didn't ruin the mood. And it was even the perfect time to SHOP for souvenirs...

Now, who would have thought that I would have a cone of ice cream in this freezing weather? I just had to, it was the best tasting soft ice cream I've ever had. They said that it was the most popular in the city.

After roaming around the city center, we were given a couple of hours of FREE time and guess where we went?

Oh yes, we braved the rains, rode the subway and went to Portobello Road / Notting Hill. Yes, I'm such a huuuge fan of the movie Notting Hill that I promised myself I would never miss this for the world!

Right after our FREE time, off we went to have dinner at this chic and fun restaurant somewhere in the city. My tour group and my family are already warming up. (*grin*)

So, what did we have for our last dinner in London?

Definitely a perfect meal to end our perfect day in London. See you again soon, London!

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