London 2014: Our Quick Stop at the British Museum

The highlight of our second day in London, I would say is the impromptu trip to the British Museum. I mentioned that it was impromptu simpy because of the weather. It wasn't part of the plan and itinerary but because it was raining so hard, the guide decided to bring us to the most famous museum in London, instead.

Aaaah, we sure were happy campers! It was so warm and dry inside and we had fun looking at the most interesting items I've ever seen in my life.

There were different areas of the museum. I bet one day is not even enough to tour the whole place! But here are my favorites that I will never forget...

EGYPTIAN Life and Death (Room 61)

GREECE: Parthenon

MOSAIC Pavement along the stairs

...and before leaving this beautiful museum, here's a nice thought that had linger on my mind for days...

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