Europe 2014: The Heineken Factory Tour in Amsterdam

After a very interesting tour at the clog and cheese factory, and a shopping spree of souvenirs and cheese, we went straight to the Heineken Factory which was full! It was raining that day so we were thankful that our next tour was actually inside a building, plus we are also looking forward to our FREE beers. Yebah!

So here goes....

After paying for the tickets, you will get a bracelet that looks like this. Only people with a wristband like this will be allowed inside.

I'm not much fan of Heineken but my Hubby is, so I was looking at the tour with great attention all because I wanted to tell him ALL about it when I get home.

But unfortunately, there were no guides inside so we didn't understand some of the things being done.

But it didn't stop us from being amazed at how wonderful the factory inside was!

...and finally, after the tour, we were able to get hold of our FREE beers.

Thank you, Heineken! ♥

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