Europe 2014: Loving the Cheese and Clog Factory of Rotterdam

Breakfast was one of the highlights of our first whole day in Amsterdam. Just look at this uber chic restaurant, everybody would enjoy their meals here.

And thanks to the awesome coffee machine, I definitely started my day right.

Coffee was the best! ♥♥♥

After the sumputuos breakfast, off we went to our whole day tour of the city.

Our first stop: the cheese and clog factory of Rotterdam. We traveled for a couple of minutes (that was not an hour), before we arrived and saw this beauty.

Those flowers are really cute! And mind you, this is just an entrance to a cheese and clog factory.

And, look, this is what greeted us to the factory. A bunch of cheese! YUM!

We also met the guy in charge of the factory. Such a nice fellow.

After a quick overview of the factory and an explanation of how they made the clogs, we went to the most exciting part - SHOPPING!

Look at all those clogs!!! I was tempted to bring a pair or two.

These are so beautiful. Wish I could have brought a piece too. Aargh! Too late for that! But I'm glad I was able to buy two clog little souvenirs and a block of smoked cheese. (*grin*)

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