Europe 2014: The Beautiful and Famous City Center and Dam Square in Amsterdam

After our very exciting Heineken Factory Tour, we crossed the road and started our Canal/River Cruise. It was a little boring probably because it was raining and the headphones that we were using were a little bit broken. We kind of drifted off during the tour. And it took us more than an hour! So I wasn't able to take photos of the cruise since the windows were closed anyway. But, I was thankful that right after the cruise, we were able to go around the city and look, we appreciated Amsterdam more.

WE started with our own walking tour and saw this corner with a bunch of bicycles!

Pretty, isn't it? But this alley is even more prettier.

And when we saw this, it just took our breath away...

Amsterdam is a beautiful, beautiful city. Even if the weather didn't cooperate with us on the first few hours of our day, still, it left a mark in our hearts.

Next, Dam Square.

When in Amsterdam, never miss going to Dam Square.

Shops are everywhere and the stuff that they are selling there are definitely interesting! (*wink*)

After checking out the whole square, off we went for our last dinner in the city.

Hot tomato soup, roasted chicken and fries, and dessert. We couldn't asked for more!

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