London 2014: Our 3 hour Road Trip and 7 Hour Ferry Ride to Amsterdam

After another sumputous breakfast at Hilton Wembley Hotel, off we went to our 3 hour road trip to Harwich for a ferry ride to Hook Van Holland. It was time to sleep during the ride but I can't help but love the view too.

The road was very nice we didn't even noticed that we were already at the pier.

I was surprised that the pier was empty! I think not most people rides the ferry.

I was expecting a small pier just like the one we have here. But look at our ride!

And it's even better inside the ferry. It's definitely huge!

This is the lovely lounge where we have to stay for the entire 7-hour trip to Holland.

This is the technology room where you can watch movies. But with a FEE.

...and the bar where you can order endless choices of drinks!

My favorite, the restaurant that offered breakfast, lunch and snacks. The choices were endless and I particularly like the coffee machine! ♥

It was definitely a great experience for us. We even met a couple of Pinoys onboard. We will never forget this adventure!

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