London 2014: Our Flight to Dubai and Our 3-Hour Layover

I've always dreamt of going to London and Europe for years now. That's why when my sister asked me if I was interested in going on a trip with her and our parents, I actually got excited about it. It was 2011 since we started planning for our trip (supposedly to attend my cousin's Church wedding) and after 3 years of planning and saving and preparing documents, finally my dream is about to come true.

A couple of months before the trip, we went get our visas and thankfully everything went out smoothly and was approved. This trip wasn't so surreal until we were already onboard the Emirates on our way to Dubai.

My first long haul flight was onboard Northwest airlines which was last 2001, and now after 13 years, I was enjoying our 9-hour flight to Dubai.

The experience was definitely unforgettable. I can't believe that the crew were never stopping to be of service. From drinks to hot towels to snacks to main meals. They just kept on serving us. I was so happy with the service of Emirates.

There were a lot of movies to choose from too. I love their entertainment system, from music to movies to videos. Amazing!

This ICE entertainment definitely kept us entertained for 8 hours.

When we arrived Dubai International Airport, we were ready to explore! We had coffee first (even if we were too full during the flight already).

And then, we checked out the endless shops in the Terminal! Wow! I also loved that the airport has little pocket gardens to see when you just want to relax while you wait for your next flight.

I would say this is one of the best airports I've ever seen. ♥

...and here we are, sooo ready to see London!


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