A 50-Year Warranty by the Downs

Now that I've been browsing floorings for over a month now, I've somehow mastered the good brands that I'm looking at. At All of State Flooring, Albuquerque NM, they are offering good quality hardwood floorings by the Downs Performance. It actually caught my attention because they have a 50 year warranty that goes with their products. Amazing isn't it? And with all these gorgeous colors, I think we are going to go with one of these...

First Photo: Rendition. $4.59 psf until September 30, 2012.

Second Photo: Odessa Oak. $5.73 psf until September 30, 2012

First Photo: Gotham Wide Maple $7.75 psf until September 30, 2012.

Second Photo: Gotham Maple $9.88 psf until September 30, 2012.

These four are really my first choices among 17,432 flooring options. Yes, thousands of floorings at All of State. Everything in good quality and made with the finest materials. I tell you, it took me weeks (even more than a month) to decide which color, which design, which texture would be perfect for our home. Good thing the website is so easy to use and very user friendly that photos were available in every color and design. I think this is it! Well, I hope this would be it! (*grin*)

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