Planning to do a General Cleaning Soon

I still lack one staff in our household so we've been really busy for the past few weeks now. Not to mention the girls' periodical exams and assessment. Aaaah, we've been under too much stress already. So we can't prioritized cleaning the house that much but we need to do a general cleaning soon.

I checked out a couple of companies that offer general cleaning services and so far there is a Salt Lake City cleaning service called JAN PRO. I love that they've been in the industry for over a decade now, serving commercial clients throughout Salt Lake City. They are proud of their knowledgeable and highly trained cleaning crews and restoration specialists. They offer advanced cleaning skills that would exceed expectations.

I would love to hire them right now, with all the parts of the house that need to be cleaned as soon as possible but I don't think they are offering services in my area yet. Maybe in a couple of years I could check them out again and see if they have branched out and has branches everywhere. As for our project of general cleaning, hopefully when there is a long weekend, we can probably do that ourselves. We'll see!

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