Hardwood, Tile or Laminate?

If you are being asked, which one choose, hardwood, tile or laminate? What would you choose? It is a pretty tough decision right? That's what we've been thinking for the past few months now. If not for the wonderful options of these three types of flooring, our home renovation could have been finish now. (If you want to know more about these flooring options at Flooring America, click here).

I've been browsing over Flooring America's website and I think it's been weeks now since I've been doing that. You see, with over 17,432 flooring choices at this particular website, how can I stop myself from browsing? All of those with wonderful designs, color and texture. Everyone would be confused. I guess this is the only concern that I'm facing right now. I find it hard to decide which one to get. But I found a resolution that whichever is very much alike to our current flooring, that is something that we would probably get. So we are gearing towards a laminated flooring, which is our current one.

A light colored laminated flooring that easily gets stained or a dark colored one that would darken the room. Hmmm...That was what I was talking about!

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