The Kids Celebrating Buwan ng Wika in School

The month of August is the month which the kids celebrated "Buwan ng Wika". Since both of them are in school already, we found this month very busy preparing their costumes. The two little girls had different ways of celebrating it.

The Ate and her class were asked to wear flight stewardess costumes. There was an activity in school which I watched so I was in her school one morning last week.

It was nice to see the little girl's face lit up when she saw me. Aaaah, that was my reward for going to her school activity. ♥

My not-so-baby anymore on the other hand, had a salu-salo last Saturday and they wore a Filipiniana costume. She loved it to bits and was proud of it!

She danced Leron Leron Sinta in the middle of the stage and wasn't cranky that morning.

We are so proud of you, girls! We LOVE you! (*wink*)

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