More about Thunderbird Rizal's Swimming Pool and How it is Maintained.

We can't really get over the swimming pool of Thunderbird, Rizal so what we did, we continue to swim for the rest of the day of my birthday.

We also ordered pizza and they provided us with nuts while we wait for our order. I love the service and the staff. Everyone was very accomodating and helpful. I was even able to have a quick chat with one of the staff there and asked about how they maintained the beautiful pool that my kids loved so much. He said they really make time for the maintenance since this is one of their major facility in the resort.

I remember the other day I came across arizona custom pools and how they remodel or renovate a pool. I was interested because of my kids who love to swim. If my in laws still have their pool, I would definitely recommend this company to them. It seems like they've been in the pool renovation industry for years now and clients are very happy with their services. I love that you get to have estimates of your future pool renovation. At least with this, you can prepare for the amount that you need for the renovation. Maybe one day we will be checking out their website again and who knows, maybe we will be checking for our own pool renovation. Ha!

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