Starting to make my Christmas List Early

I promised myself that I won't let myself get stressed out with Christmas preparations this year so I'm starting to make my Christmas list early. SO far my list is still the same from my last year's list. This early, I'm thinking of what to give for my immediate family - Hubby and my two little girls.

I saw this interesting website called that caters gadgets. Perfect for the Hubby is the micro sd card that he can use for his camera. There are more items available at the site and most of these items are perfect for my very techy husband. I read about Meritline and check which countries they ship. For now they don't have Philippines yet but they have in Singapore! So I can probably order a few items then have it ship in my brother's house in SG. I'm sure my brother won't mind since we are going to see each other in December. ♥

There are also a lot of items available for my phone. So maybe I can shop for a couple of accessories too. These items can be my gifts for myself. Oh yeah, that would be a great idea!

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