Food Trip at Thunderbird Rizal for my Birthday Getaway

Another thing that got us really excited in my birthday getaway is the food trip! Here is our first ever food that we ordered as soon as we got in the resort.

The yummy and tasty pizza with tomatoes and basil. I assume that it is healthy too?

For my birthday dinner, right after my massage, we went to the only restaurant in the resort which is the Koi Restaurant.

Surprisingly, we were a little bit full by then so we just had beef sinigang and baked salmon for dinner. We wanted it light and easy on our tummies since we've been eating out for the past few days already!

Breakfast buffet, the next day, still at Koi Restaurant was part of the package. Nothing special on the buffet though. But I was surprise to see that there is an egg station where Hubby ordered omelette, while I had sunny side up together with my chicken/pork adobo, not so yummy longganiza and fruits.

We had a late lunch since we packed our stuff and checked out first before heading back to the Koi Restaurant.

We had Pasta Bolognese and Baby Back Ribs for lunch.

These are all yummy and the kids enjoyed their lunch so much!

I wish Thunderbird has more restaurants to choose from. And I wish the pool side bar also offers ala carte because it would have been nice to have lunch there on our last day. Too bad, they were only offering the mongolian buffet which we thought the kids won't really enjoy.

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