More Carpet Options at Carpet One

We had a very busy weekend so I didn't have time to focus on our home renovation. But this morning, since I took the half day off, I was able to find a couple of options for our bedroom carpet at the Foote Brothers Gadsden Carpet Store. I'm glad I found this online shop because they have 50% OFF on some items. I love that the sale is focused on stain resistant carpets which are what I actually need!

Carpet One's available carpets are very comfortable and colorful too. Installing these in our bedroom would not make me worry about the theme because most of the colors are available at the store. If ever we will change our minds and probably go for laminated flooring or tiles, we can still get it from Carpet One Floor & Home. They have tiles, laminated floorings and even wood. Shopping for a perfect flooring for our bedroom was made easy, thanks to Carpet One Floor & Home.

Now, back to my original dilemma, what color should I get for our carpet in our bedroom? Light colored carpets would be hard to clean but I can opt for stain-free. Or maybe dark then? Uh-oh! Does this mean that I'm back to square one again? HA!

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